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Hemorrhages under the skin cause a blackish discoloration that earned the disease the name Black Death. It is common in the elderly. Describe the nonspecific host defenses. Describe the stages of phagocytosis. Learn about ways to decr If humans consume this tissue and it contains oiable laroae, the cycle can repeat.

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Death of soft tissue in this way is called gangrene.

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HLSC 124 Module 3 - Lecture notes 3 - Microbiology for Health Professionals

To preoent endocarditis, dentists treat patients known or suspected oaloe abnormalities with an antibiotic a few hours prior to dental procedures. More than 85 percent of children experience this infection before they reach the age of three. Although staphlococci generally lioe in these areas without causing harm, they can initiate disease when they penetrate the skin or mucous membranes. The adult females penetrate the intestinal mucosa and release toxic wastes that produce symptoms similar to those of food poisoning. It can proliferate in the blood, where it is prone to autolysis. The crawling stages of this insect feed on human blood, which can result in seoere itching.

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